Schedule — 13th LSM from 7 to 12 July 2012

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Teaching from school to University

Monday 9

14:00-14:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
René Mérou
14:40-15:20 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Abdullah KK , Subha PA,
15:20-16:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Carol Ann O'Hare
15:20-16:00 (Workshop, Uni Mail 1193)
Abdullah KK , Subha PA,
17:00-17:20 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Jean-François CAUCHE
17:40-18:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Aimé Vareille

Tuesday 10

09:20-10:40 (Round-table conference, Uni Mail 1193)
Jean-Pierre Archambault,
09:20-10:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Stéphane Poinsart
14:00-15:20 (Workshop, Uni Mail 1193)
Carol Ann O'Hare,

Thursday 12

09:20-10:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Jean-François CAUCHE
10:00-10:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Hilaire Fernandes,
11:20-12:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Jean Peyratout
14:00-14:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Marcellin Nkenlifack, Raoul NANGUE, Victor KUATE
14:40-15:20 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Romaric Sagbo
15:20-16:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
16:20-17:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Paulin Melatagia Yonta, Christiane Kamdem