Schedule — 13th LSM from 7 to 12 July 2012

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Thursday 12


11:50-12:40 (Uni Mail R080)
Benjamin Barras


09:20-17:20 (Workshop, Uni Mail R030)
Jean-Bernard Marcon
15:00-18:00 (Workshop, Uni Mail 2193)


11:55-12:00 (Uni Mail R080)
Jonathan Le Lous
12:00-12:05 (Uni Mail R080)
12:05-12:10 (Uni Mail R080)
Caroline Piffaretti
12:10-12:15 (Uni Mail R080)
Nicolas Pettiaux
12:15-12:20 (Uni Mail R080)
Michael Scherer
12:20-12:25 (Uni Mail R080)
Lodewijk André de la Porte
12:25-12:30 (Uni Mail R080)
Vincenzo Pallotta
12:30-12:35 (Uni Mail R080)
Nicolas Pettiaux


09:20-10:00 (Conference, Uni Mail 2160)
Adolfo R. Brandes
10:00-10:40 (Conference, Uni Mail 2160)
Mihàly Marti (alias Sarki)
11:00-12:00 (Other, Uni Mail 2160)
Comité RMLL
14:00-14:40 (Conference, Uni Mail 2160)
François Elie
14:40-15:20 (Conference, Uni Mail 2160)
Sasha Cohen
15:20-16:00 (Conference, Uni Mail 2160)
Rolf Pawelzik

Politics, Law and Government

09:20-10:40 (Round-table conference, Uni Mail S130)
Pierre Genillon, Luc Recordon, Philippe Gilliéron
11:00-11:40 (Conference, Uni Mail S130)
Myriam Ayass
11:40-12:20 (Conference, Uni Mail S130)
Benjamin Jean
14:00-15:20 (Round-table conference, Uni Mail S130)
Arnaud Albou, Yves Miezan Ezo
15:20-16:00 (Conference, Uni Mail S130)
François Elie
17:00-17:40 (Conference, Uni Mail S130)
Emmanuel Charpentier

Media, Radio, Television and Professional Graphics

09:20-11:20 (Workshop, Uni Mail S030)
EBU Radiohack community

Companies and Free Software

09:20-10:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Jonathan Le Lous
10:00-10:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Jonathan Le Lous
11:00-11:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
SGHIOUAR Abdelfettah
14:00-14:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Didier Durand
14:40-15:20 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Baptiste SIMON
15:20-16:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Murielle Souyris
16:20-17:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R160)
Jean-Michel ARMAND

Teaching from school to University

09:20-10:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Jean-François CAUCHE
10:00-10:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Hilaire Fernandes,
11:20-12:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Jean Peyratout
14:00-14:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Marcellin Nkenlifack, Raoul NANGUE, Victor KUATE
14:40-15:20 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Romaric Sagbo
15:20-16:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
16:20-17:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R290)
Paulin Melatagia Yonta, Christiane Kamdem

Research and University

09:20-10:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R150)
Thierry Stœhr
11:00-11:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R150)
Pierre-Amiel Giraud
14:00-14:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R150)
Charles Roduit
14:40-15:20 (Conference, Uni Mail R150)
Yann Pouillon
15:20-16:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R150)
Vittoria Rezzonico
16:20-17:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R150)
Omar Odermatt, Miguel Alarcón

System administration

09:20-10:00 (Conference, Uni Mail S150)
Marianne Lombard
11:00-11:40 (Conference, Uni Mail S150)
Luka Vandervelden
14:00-14:40 (Conference, Uni Mail S150)
Jonathan CLARKE
15:20-16:00 (Conference, Uni Mail S150)
Mortier Benoit
16:20-17:40 (Workshop, Uni Mail 2170)

Embedded systems and open hardware

09:20-10:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R280)
Matthieu Castet
10:00-10:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R280)
Thomas Petazzoni
11:00-11:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R280)
Marek Vašut
11:40-12:20 (Conference, Uni Mail R280)
Wolfgang Denk

Operating systems

09:20-10:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R170)
Tom Rini
10:00-10:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R170)
Detlev Zundel
14:00-14:40 (Conference, Uni Mail R170)
Lionel Auroux, David Pineau
14:40-15:20 (Conference, Uni Mail R170)
Samuel Ortiz
15:20-16:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R170)
François Revol
16:20-17:00 (Conference, Uni Mail R170)
Mathieu Simon