Open Source Network Management - OpenNMS

Intervenant(s) : Alexander Finger,

  • Langue : English
  • Niveau : Débutant
  • Type d'événement : Conférence
  • Date : Mardi 10 juillet 2012
  • Horaire : 10h00
  • Durée : 40 minutes
  • Lieu : Uni Mail S150
Public cible : Professionnels


When systems grow and get more important it’s necessary to know whether they are alive, perform and how they behave : Test, measure, report and alert the right people when something goes wrong.

The Open Network Management System, OpenNMS, is a free enterprise grade NMS. OpenNMS is used to monitor hundreds of thousands devices and networks all over the world, built on a true open source model with zero licensing cost.

Learn about OpenNMS, its capabilities and use cases from managing the systems for emergency calls to pizza baking !


Alex was looking for a network management system to get a grip on around 80’000 devices spread over europe when he learned about OpenNMS. After and during the successful implementation he became a member of the core project team of OpenNMS. He has been using Linux since 0.99pl12, somewhere in the 90’s and used Open Source Software to create his own ISP as well as in setting up customer service organizations for Deutsche Post and Swisscom subsidiaries. In 2010 he published together with two other authors the german language OpenNMS book (ISBN : 978-3-89864-656-7). Alex speaks german, english and french and works for Swisscom IT Services in Berne.

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