L’écosystème FLOSS

Intervenant(s) : Jonathan Le Lous

  • Langue : English
  • Type d'événement : Conférence
  • Date : Jeudi 12 juillet 2012
  • Horaire : 10h00
  • Durée : 40 minutes
  • Lieu : Uni Mail R160
Fils rouges : Biens communs
Public cible : Grand public


FLOSS ecosystem is very specific. In the same market we meet companies, end-users, professionals customers, editor, IT service providers and community with non-profit organization. These actors interact and create value.

Our research studies interaction between these actors and the impact on service value chain. Through an interaction model, Actor-network theory, and value chain of IT service, we interviewed 50 professionals (editor, IT service providers, CIO and community) with qualitative approach.

We will present for the first time the results of this research.


Today Jonathan is Innovation manager (CSO) and is in charge of "Libre Académie"(internal training program) in Alter Way. Alter Way is one of the three largest IT service French company specialize in Floss.

Since three years, he’s PhD Candidate on the Management Resarch Center of the Toulouse University – Graduate School of Management.His research concerns the open source ecosystem and IT service strategies.

In other hand, he’s working since 2004 in open source. He has labeled and animated the first official French cluster, Intelli’N, and launched and livened up the open source webtv www.intelli-n.tv (200 video and 200 000 visits).

He’s active on the French freesoftware and open source community (Blog and local LUG event) and board member of April (French representative of the Free Software Foundation).

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