Meeting GIMP 2.8

Speaker(s) : Dimitri Robert

  • Language : Français
  • Nature : Workshop
  • Date : Tuesday 10 July 2012
  • Schedule : 11h40
  • Duration : 60 minutes
  • Place : Uni Mail S050


Trought this workshop will discover the new interface in GIMP 2.8 and some of the new functionality: using advanced brushes features, interactive deformations and the text layers. We will be using the 2.8 version, released at the begining of May.


Dimitri Robert is co-founder of Libre à vous, a company offering professional training and supervision for free software deployment. He used to develop video games and was editor in charge of "Linux Pratique and system and network administrator at the french Éducation nationale. He is the autor a book on image editing and graphics with GIMP. He is also administrator of Aful and Axul.