Cinelerra video editing workshop

Speaker(s) : Gisles Boudet

  • Language : English
  • Nature : Workshop
  • Date : Wednesday 11 July 2012
  • Schedule : 11h00
  • Duration : 100 minutes
  • Place : Uni Mail S050
Target audience : Professionals


This workshop will show you how to use the Cinelerra non-linear video editing software. Gisles Boudet will take you through each of the steps required to create a production:

- Acquisition and encoding
- The use of Edit Decision Lists (EDL)
- Project management and sequences
- Editing, including transitions
- Colour correction
- Audio processing
- Rendering
- Advanced features

Please note there also is a presentation on Tuesday covering open source NLE software in a wider sense.


Gisles Boudet is an experienced teacher of video and audio editing with GNU/Linux. He has taught courses at the Lyon CoLibre université Lumière, University of Nanterre, the Universities of Rennes, Nantes and Vannes, and various companies and institutions (including the INA, Thales Aerospace, and Stereolux). Gisles was the coordinator of the audio-visual theme at RMLL 2006. He studied computer programming at the university of Rennes (IFSIC) and film music writing and directing at the conservatory of music of Nantes and Paris.