An Holistic approach to Puppet Modules

Intervenant(s) : Alessandro Franceschi

  • Langue : English
  • Niveau : Confirmé
  • Type d'événement : Conférence
  • Date : Mercredi 11 juillet 2012
  • Horaire : 10h00
  • Durée : 40 minutes
  • Lieu : Uni Mail S150
Public cible : Professionnels


Systems management activities have had a huge step forward with Configuration management tools like Puppet. Puppet code is usually contained in modules that manage installation and configuration of applications. This presentation shows an approach to Puppet modules design that tries to face different facets of Puppet programming :
- A coherent set of class parameters to manage common functions (standard API)
- Separate custom code from core modules
- Integrated and automated monitoring and firewalling functions
- Use Puppet not only to configure but also to provide information from the managed hosts
- Provide via Puppet the information needed to manage applications deployments.


Long time freelance Linux trainer and system administrator has been using Puppet for 5 years and since the beginning has not conceived anymore the idea on managing servers "by hand". For fun and profit has published his Puppet modules set on

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