Sciences and learning

The topic “Sciences and Learning” of the Libre Software Meeting gathers educators, teachers, researchers, universitary professors, staffs of associations, institutions and territorial collectivities, animators, parents… They can meet developers and users of free-libre applications and resources of interest for education, and discuss about professional or associative practices touching the usage, the making or the adaptation of free-libre software and resource.

Speakers and their teams will present their projects or animate workshops or round tables about the following subjects:

  • free-libre software dedicated to education;
  • free-libre software dedicated to popular education;
  • free-libre resources and software interesting education;
  • free-libre resources and software for associations;
  • educational uses of tools;
  • free-libre software and databases coming with free licenses;
  • integrated educational platforms;
  • platforms for open training and distance training;
  • mutualization of educational products;
  • etc.

Specific workshops are open for children, teenagers and adults.