Health and Accessibility

This year, the Health topic will be organized according to 3 main axes:

  • Accessibility, autonomy and dependency management
  • Hospital Information System & Telehealth
  • Imaging & visualization of medical data

The Libre Software Meeting offers this year again a venue of choice for actors in the world of health. Through the Health theme, the committee hopes to distribute the LSM and enhance open source projects in this field. To better target the various exchanges that take place, the coordinators of the health topic offer several types of meetings:

  • meetings "solutions", with lectures and round tables to present solutions dedicated to our research.
  • conferences "state of art" between practitioners, developers and scientists to discuss what are the specific needs of users, what works well or less well, discuss approaches...
  • presentations of "technical" between developers and scientists. This will initiate exchanges between communities that may not have the opportunity to meet and perhaps to initiate new collaborations or projects.

Workshops will be available to practice and exchange ideas about tools presented by their designers or by users already experienced in these solutions.

Chairman :

  • Farouk Khababa : Farouk Khababa (fk _at_
  • Johan Moreau (Johan.Moreau _at_ received his M.S. in computer science from the University of Rennes in 2001. Since 2001, he has been a permanent engineer in computer sciences at the Research Institute Against Digestive Cancer IRCAD, Strasbourg. His main areas of interest are network and software engineering for computer-aided diagnosis and surgery. In FLOSS, he work on FW4SPL, sconspiracy/yams++, nagios-i18n, gdcm, ...
  • Samuel Thibault ( is an assistant professor in computer science, he tinkers with Linux since 1998, started to get interest in accessibility since he met Sebastien Hinderer in 2001, and never stopped since then. He also participates to the Debian and GNU/Hurd projects, as well as the project.
  • Marc Geiser